Social Activities

Welcome cocktail Monday 22th and Monday 29th of February there will be a Welcome cocktail for all the participants, after the lectures. At the Terraza D601 in CIMAT.

Special dinner, Taquiza (Mexican food): Thursday 25th February, At the Terraza D601 in CIMAT. After the lectures. The cost of the dinner is around 145 Mexican Pesos, for students 60 Mexican pesos. To be paid the day of registration.

Social dinner:   Thursday 3th March. Mesón de San Antonio, Calle Alonso 12, City Center.  The cost of the dinner is around 365 Mexican Pesos, for students 260 Mexican pesos. To be paid the day of registration.

Callejoneada: Friday 26th at 8:00PM. The meeting point will be in front of the church San Diego, beside Teatro Juarez in the City Center.

Callejoneada-Strolling Guanajuato's narrow, winding streets. A unique cultural experience in Guanajuato -- the callejoneada, a musical tradition imported from Spain featuring local university students dressed as medieval troubadours. Playing music on stringed instruments, the ensemble--known as an estudiantina--leads the people through a song-guided tour of the beautiful narrow, colonial streets of the city. Wine is provided, drunk in jugs with a spout as in Spain, but no food is served. This activity is sponsored by the Municipality of Guanajuato, and features the City's own estudiantina. A popular tourist attraction, the estudiantina owes its popularity to a character named "Tuno", who creates a world of magic and surprise through romantic, jolly and picaresque music, full of his good spirit, with the city providing a magnificent backdrop.

Trip to San Miguel de Allende: Sunday 28th. The cost is around 425 Mexican pesos, if there are 47 interested. To be paid the day of registration.

In 2008 was inscribed by UNESCO on cultural World Heritage Site. The distinction was granted because of its cultural and architectural contribution to the Mexican Baroque and its importance in the struggle for Independence of Mexico from Spain.