The courses will be in english. The topics of the courses will be
1 Algebraic Curves and their moduli spaces.
First week:  Edoardo Sernesi (Università Roma Tre, Italy),
First week:  Gabi Farkas (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany)

2 Higher dimensional varieties and their moduli spaces.
First week: Oliver Debarre, École Normale Supérieure, France,
Second week:  Paolo Cascini, Imperial College, London, England.

3 Geometric Invariant Theory and Bridgeland stability. 
First week: Radu Laza (Stony Brook University USA),
Second week: Emanuele Macri, (Northeastern University, USA)

4 Minimal Model Program/Birational geometry and Topology of Mg.
Second week: Samuel Grushevsky, (Stony Brook University USA)

5 Moduli and degenerations of algebraic varieties via tropical geometry.
Second week: Melody Chan (Brown University)