The conference will take place at CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico, from Monday 22th  through Friday 4th of March, 2016. CIMAT is a Public Research Center dedicated to  research, training and applications in mathematics, statistics and computer  sciences.

Host City: Guanajuato

The City of Guanajuato is the Capital of the State of Guanajuato and home to the main Campus of the University of Guanajuato. It is one of the most important colonial towns in Latin America and a UNESCO declared World Heritage Zone.

This City is located about 350 km (220 miles) NW of Mexico City. Guanajuato dazzles the visitor with the charm of its relaxed atmosphere, its cobblestone streets, its picturesque plazas and underground streets. While remaining a small provincial city, Guanajuato boasts a great number of attractions, from beautiful colonial buildings to modern museums, from silver mines to a university.

Guanajuato’s altitude, 2000 meters (6000 feet), ensures that the climate is always pleasant. The rainy season is from June to September, which generally means a shower late in the afternoon. Weather in February-March is pleasant with light showers possible. Temperatures range from a low average of 10° C to a maximum average of 25° C.

Guanajuato is a famous international tourist destination. The nearest airport to Guanajuato is the International Leon / Guanajuato Bajio Airport (BJX).  There are direct flights from major U.S. cities to the Leon – Guanajuato International Airport. From Mexico City there are daily flights to Leon – Guanajuato International Airport aboard Aeromexico airline.  

It is possible to arrive to Guanajuato from Mexico City by comfortable buses (5 hour trip)


How to reach Guanajuato and CIMAT from the International Leon /

Guanajuato Bajio Airport (BJX)

One can reach Guanajuato by TAXI. There is a ticket office at the arrivals corridor. You should order you ticket to "Guanajuato/La Valenciana" if you want to come directly to CIMAT or to your residence CIMATEL. The travel takes approximately one hour and the ticket cost around 500 mexican pesos.

CIMATEL lays just in front of the La Valenciana Church, just across the La Valenciana square. The venue of CIMAT lays approximately 200 mts. west and it is visible from the square (red-orange adobe building on the downhill). One should take the road to Mina and Cerro del Cubilete.


How to reach Guanajuato from the Internacional Airport of Mexico City

Once outside the arrivals lobby one should head to the TAXIS office. There is one outside each terminal of the airport. Ask for a ticket to ‘Terminal de Autobuses del Norte’, also known as "Central de los 100 Metros"; please give clearly your destination and insist in case of doubt to avoid misunderstandings, in the city there is a bus station for each cardinal point in the city. Once in the bus station follow the instructions to reach Guanajuato by bus.

If ones prefer to avoid commuting in Mexico City, we recommend to travel from the International Airport in Mexico City to Querétaro and then to Guanajuato by bus. The company Primera Plus ( offers such a service at least on a hourly basis from 5:10 AM until 24:00 PM. The travel takes approximately 6 hours and the cost is approximately 600 mexican pesos.


How to reach Guanajuato and CIMAT by bus

One can reach Guanajuato by bus from Mexico City. There are regular services from the Terminal de Autobuses del Norte. The company ETN (Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales) is highly recommendable. Departures start 7:30 AM on a 90 minutes base until 21:15 PM. The ride takes 5 hours and costs 800 mexican pesos. Another choice in the company Primera Plus, which 20% cheaper and offers seven rides from 12:30 AM until 24:00 PM.

Once in Guanajuato hire a taxi to CIMAT or "La Valenciana" just in front of the exit of the bus station. The ride takes around 20 minutes and costs aproximately 70 mexican pesos.


How to reach Guanajuato and CIMAT by car

From Mexico City, one should drive north and take the road Carretera 57D to Querétaro; once one has reached Querétaro, one should follow the signs to Celaya along the road Carretera 45D. Drive pass Celaya and continue to Irapuato, where one should follow the signs to León. Before arriving León one should take the exit names "Guanajuato Cuota". After the toll one should follow the indications on this map.


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